1978 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

One of the nicest, original Land Cruisers you will find on the planet. Rust free. Almost all mechanical components replaced or refurbished.


Year: 1978

Manufacture: Toyota

Model: FJ40 Land Cruiser

Color: Mustard Yellow

VIN: FJ40293607

Mileage: Unknown (Odometer reads ~73000)

Location:Bellevue, WA

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  • Hard top with full-doors and steel half-doors with bikini-top
  • Power steering
  • Front disc brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • AM/FM Cassette stereo
  • Hella H4 headlights
  • Old Man EMU 2.5” suspension
  • BF Goodwrich 33x9.5x15 AT tires (~75%)

Named “Uglina” by my 12 year old daughter, this rig is in fantastic shape. She’s one of the nicest, original Land Cruisers you will find on the planet.

I purchased her in 2006 and have been enjoying refurbishing and driving her since. Now that I have two teenage drivers in the family we need to make room for a different car, so Uglina needs to find a new home.

When I bought Uglina in 2006 she was in good (but not great) shape. She drove well and was reliable. The body was rust free and the paint in very good shape. She leaked a bit of everything and a few drivetrain and engine components were tired.

I have spent the last 6 years carefully rebuilding, refurbishing, replacing, and repainting anything I did not feel was perfect. She is now as close to perfect as a 34-year-old 4x4 can be and not be a museum piece.

I drive her into the city and on errands regularly enough to have 100% confidence that she’s reliable. We’ve taken her up forest service roads and done some light four wheeling; just to shake her down. She’s as comfortable cruising on the freeway at 70mph as she is turning heads at the local burger joint. She has a minor leak in the power steering box, but does not leak from the engine or transmission.

You can buy with confidence, knowing you are getting a rig that not only looks and drives great, but also will continue that way for a long time. I’ve done all the hard work. Now you just get to enjoy!

Uglina comes with the factory original hard top/full doors and a ‘convertible package’ I put together that includes steel half-doors, a fixed tailgate, and a bikini top. It takes about an hour to convert her from a warm, quiet, cozy SUV to a spirited, top-down convertible 4x4.

I have new, high quality, aftermarket seat covers that I have not yet installed; they are included. You will also get several boxes of new and refurbished miscellaneous parts (bolts, fasteners, brake pads, etc…) that I purchased or acquired in excess. This includes a full set of OEM factory replica stickers & data plates.

Below is a breakdown of all the work that has been done.


Cold Start & Walkaround

This is a video I recorded on April 22, 2012 showing a cold start and a quick walkaround. In it you can see the interior, the engine running, and the under-carraige.

Driving Around

Recorded April 23, 2012. Mostly an excuse to play with my Contour camera.


  • Build date Nov 1978. Originally from Texas.
  • Restored by Cool Cruisers of Texas (CCOT) in '94. Moved to Washington State in '95.
  • I'm the 3rd WA owner. When I purchased her in February 2006 she had 71k on the odometer.
  • The odometer now reads about 74k miles. Who knows how many miles she actually has.


  • Completely stock, original, 2F motor (inline 6 cylinder)
  • Carburetor is from 1976 model. A previous owner had installed a Weber and another owner removed that and replaced it with a ’76 carb. Included is a ’78 carb I had rebuilt by the premier Toyota carb guy, JimC (but it’s not really needed).
  • All the ‘good’ emissions equipment is still in place. The ‘power-sucking, prone-to-fail’ emissions equipment has been removed.
  • Runs strong and quiet. Compression test shows all cylinders between 128 and 138psi. She burns little oil.
  • Water pump (new)
  • Water house (new)
  • Air filter assembly (replaced/restored)
  • Fan (refurbished)
  • Optima Red battery with new OEM battery tray (new)
  • Battery wires and ground strap (new)
  • Distributor cap & rotor (new)
  • Spark plugs & wires (new)
  • Fuel filter (new)
  • K&N air filter (new)
  • Vacuum tubes (some new)
  • Oil pan (new)
  • Hoses (new)
  • Belts (new)
  • CCOT air conditioning (PO - Circa '94).
  • Washer tank & coolant reservoir (new). Windshield sprayers do not work.

Transmission / Gearing:

  • Front & rear differentials (rebuilt with 3.73 3rd members, powder coated)
  • Transmission (torn down, inspected, rebuilt)
  • Transfer case (rebuilt to fix leak)
  • Front hubs/knuckles (rebuilt, powder coated)
  • Warn front locking hubs (new)


  • Power steering pump (rebuilt)
  • Power steering hoses (new)
  • Tie rods, center arm, drag links, etc… (new ends/ powder coated)
  • Rag joint (new)
  • Power steering box leaks a little.
  • She tracks straight and true at all speeds.


  • Front disc brakes (CCOT circa ’94)
  • Front disc calipers (new)
  • Front disc pads (new)
  • Parking brake (refurbished / new)

Suspension, Wheels, & Tires:

  • Old Man EMU 2.5” suspension: Springs, shocks, shackles (new)
  • OEM steel wheels powder coated with OEM hubcaps (new)
  • BFG 33x9.5x15 AT tires (about 75% wear left)


  • Dash pad (new OEM)
  • Tuffy box (new)
  • Rear heater (restored)
  • Kenwood AM/FM/Cassette with rear speakers (PO)
  • Front seat belts (new)
  • Front seat covers (new, OEM replica, not installed)

Body & Misc:

  • No modifications to factory body. A few minor rust bubbles, but most have been carefully treated with POR15 and painted.
  • Her paint color is “Mustard Yellow”. There are actually two different tints of yellow on different parts. The OEM color can be found on the dash and a few other non-visible places. A slightly different (but warmer) color (what CCOT, apparently, used) is on the body.
  • Paint looks perfect from 10 feet away. Minor blemishes, rust bubbles, and touch-ups are visible up close.
  • Steel half doors from Pakistan with mirrors (new, painted)
  • CCOT rear fixed tailgate for when top is off (new, painted)
  • Bikini top (new)
  • Hella H4 headlights (PO)
  • OEM front tow hooks (new)
  • Custom taillight guards (new, not yet installed)
  • The domain name is included if the buyer wants it.